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FAQ: Our Customers Ask, We Respond

Our customers might have some questions about various aspects of the service. To save your time, we have prepared this FAQ page. You will find all answers here. If there is no information that interests you, make sure to contact our Customer Support team.


  • Is it cheating?

Everything depends on how exactly you use a received document. We deliver academic samples that can serve as educational tools. As a student, you get an access to a professionally-composed paper that gives you a full picture of correct formatting, structuring, and researching. If you use your paper as a material for you own work, then nobody can call you a cheater.

  • Do you use any pre-written samples or rewritten content?

No, we don’t. We believe that pre-written or even rewritten content is a kind of cheating, so we never perform anything like that. Instead, we create papers that fully correspond to your personal guidance and do everything to make our services 100% individualized.

  • Can I pay after the paper is done?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We provide prepaid services and your writer will start working on your order only when the payment is received.

  • How about plagiarism?

We have a strict policy about plagiarism. Our writers have a clear understanding that plagiarism can become a reason of serious problems. We check every complete paper for originality before you get it and make sure that all quotes are cited properly. If you want to be 100% assured that your paper is unique, you can check it yourself or request a plagiarism report from us.


  • I’m worried that somebody will find out that I have ordered a paper. What are your safety measures?

We guarantee that your personal information is safe and confidential. We do request your contact and personal information to reach you when needed, however, we guarantee to store it encrypted. We cooperate with large payment systems that keep your card information safe as well.

  • This is my first order and I am not sure that paying beforehand is safe. Is it?

Our company provides academic papers to students of all grades for years, so you can rely on their positive experience. Read customers’ testimonials on our website and search for some on the web – we are sure that this will convince you. What is more, we have a Money-back guarantee, so you can always request a refund if any problem occurs.

  • Can I request a refund if I’m not satisfied with the order?

Sure! If we failed to provide a high-quality, original and well-done paper that meets your instructions, you can always ask for a refund and our Quality Assurance Committee will make an honest decision. Each case is reviewed in the individual manner. By the way, don’t forget that we have free unlimited revisions, so make sure to request one before you ask for a refund. Chances are, that we can easily fix the problem!


  • How can I place the order?

It’s easy – just visit the Order Page and provide your paper details.

  • How many pages should I choose?

One page of an academic paper contains 275 words if you request double spacing and 550 if you request single spacing. Please, mind this moment when placing an order.

  • When will I get my paper?

You will receive your paper without any delays. We guarantee that your deadline will be met. If not – we will send your payment back.